Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Un dia tarde y faltante un dolar.

Well, there you have it, sports fans.  Another round of consular offers is out for another A-100 class, and none of those offers went to me.  I still await my Spanish language test results, and I'm still toiling away as a litigation attorney.  The sad fact is that had I passed the Spanish test a week ago, I would have my offer in hand and be planning my exit from the law and discussing the logistics of the packout with my wife.  Oh, well.  There's comfort in knowing we won't have to move with a newborn, and the money is better out here in the private sector.  Perhaps it's for the best.

In other news, my wife is coming along great with her pregnancy.  We have baby room furniture set up and make frequent trips to baby stores for clothing.  Truth be told, we have more than enough stuff to get us by if we had the baby tomorrow, but my wife is in hyper-nesting mode, so every detail is being tended.  It's comforting in a way how she and/or her biology cover all the bases, and I only have to put things together and make her wishes happen.  If ever a couple could be ready for a baby, I think we're there.  It's very exciting.  In case I haven't mentioned it before, this is our first child, and we know it's going to be a girl.  I come from a family of all boys, so the father-daughter dynamic is going to be new to me.  I wonder how it will be between us.

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