Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's another day?

I like my place on the register.  I mean I really like it.  I feel as though the call could come at any moment.  Only it hasn't.  I know this is psychological, but my attorney job feels more precarious by the day.  I review documents, I do legal analysis.  I take a few criminal clients on the side and hope I last long enough to get the call and have a smooth transition.  This is not reality, of course.  I'm doing fine at work, and I enjoy the criminal appointment cases I occasionally take on the side immensely.  There's no reason to think I'm doing poorly as a lawyer at all.  If the call never comes, life will go on and I will be fine. 

That said, I know State's budget for the remainder of the fiscal year is set.  A March 12th specialist class has already been approved.  These signs indicate that approval could arrive for a generalist A-100 at any time.  Needless to say, I'm distracted, nervous and excited.  And I'm not alone.  I get multiple texts from my wife every day asking if I've gotten any emails.  We're both chomping at the bit to move on.

But if the call doesn't come, part of me will be relieved.  We're doing well here.  We're prepared to buy a house, new cars, and to have another baby.  Our children would get a break on tuition at my wife's school since she's on the faculty.  We're on the waiting list for one of the best pre-K day cares in the city.  Our plan B is going smashingly.  I never thought I'd say this in my life, but I would feel real regret at leaving the south.  My wife and I both worked hard and did well here.  Would being in the foreign service top that?  We may never know, and that would be okay!


  1. My fingers are crossed for you that you will get the call. In the meantime, I have added a link to your blog to my blogroll of future FS blogs at

  2. Thanks for your well wishes, and thanks for adding me to your blog roll! I will add you as well as soon as I figure out how!